Thoughts on Social Stability

Architecture and sociology at the 2nd National Architect’s Salon Text: László Antal Z. Photo: Béla Ilovszky / Ferenc Miszlivetz sociologist delivered one of the speeches at the opening ceremony of the 2nd Architects’ Salon. In this article, László Z. Antal sociologist explains what ideas he has phrased after viewing the Salon. One of the […]


Thought-provoking conference in the Kunsthalle FutureHall – Architecture in the era of 3D printing, Kunsthalle, Budapest, 25 May 2019 Text: Mária Tatai „Architecture in the era of 3D printing” has been chosen as the subtitle of the conference held in the Budapest Kunsthalle on May 25th, 2019 within the framework of the 2nd National Salon […]

Common Irregularities

Creative week at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Technology, Debrecen Text: Gergely Hory, Zoltán Major, Péter Müllner (Prtzn Architecture) Photos: Zsófia Roszkos, Prtzn Architecture Being supervisors of the topic, we were invited to the creative week organised by the Faculty of Architecture, University of Technology, Debrecen. The theme was associated with the exhibition titled […]

Materialism and Idealism

The Contemporary Hungarian Heritage Preservation Summer University on Monument Protection, Eger, 2019 Text: Gábor Nagy The chief topic of this year’s course of the Heritage Preservation Summer University in Eger was Potentials and methods to restore values hidden in historic monuments. In his plenary lecture opening the programme Gábor Nagy architect, specialist of heritage preservation […]

The Disruption of the Cityscape

Text: Paul Virilio† Translation: Ármin Tillmann Even if a contemporary city may be still defined as a location or a geographical position, we should not mistake it for the contrast between the urban and rural, or that of the centre and the periphery. The concept that the fabric of the city possesses a well-defined site, […]

Perception experiments on facade designs

The workshop of the New Vision Text: Anna Losonczi In this study I am presenting the group of creative professionals specialized in visual perception referred to as the New Vision (new sight, new approach, new visions) with special emphasis on the works of its Hungarian members (among others, Marcell Breuer, László Moholy Nagy, György Kepes). […]

Peter Halley: Heterotopia

L’Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, Velence, 7 May – 10 August 2019 Text: Bálint Botzheim Photos: Hanna Szegő During the time of the fine arts biennale Venice turns into a genuine store of art pieces. All over the town exhibitions welcome visitors, and many visitors take advantage of this period to join the flow […]