Thoughts on Social Stability

Architecture and sociology at the 2nd National Architect’s Salon

Text: László Antal Z.
Photo: Béla Ilovszky /

Ferenc Miszlivetz sociologist delivered one of the speeches at the opening ceremony of the 2nd Architects’ Salon. In this article, László …


Thought-provoking conference in the Kunsthalle
FutureHall – Architecture in the era of 3D printing, Kunsthalle, Budapest, 25 May 2019

Text: Mária Tatai

„Architecture in the era of 3D printing” has been chosen as the subtitle of the conference held …

Common Irregularities

Creative week at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Technology, Debrecen

Text: Gergely Hory, Zoltán Major, Péter Müllner (Prtzn Architecture)
Photos: Zsófia Roszkos, Prtzn Architecture

Being supervisors of the topic, we were invited to the creative week organised by …

Materialism and Idealism

The Contemporary Hungarian Heritage Preservation
Summer University on Monument Protection, Eger, 2019

Text: Gábor Nagy

The chief topic of this year’s course of the Heritage Preservation Summer University in Eger was Potentials and methods to restore values hidden in …

The Disruption of the Cityscape

Text: Paul Virilio†
Translation: Ármin Tillmann

Even if a contemporary city may be still defined as a location or a geographical position, we should not mistake it for the contrast between the urban and rural, or that of the …

Perception experiments on facade designs

The workshop of the New Vision

Text: Anna Losonczi

In this study I am presenting the group of creative professionals specialized in visual perception referred to as the New Vision (new sight, new approach, new visions) with special emphasis …

Peter Halley: Heterotopia

L’Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, Velence, 7 May – 10 August 2019

Text: Bálint Botzheim
Photos: Hanna Szegő

During the time of the fine arts biennale Venice turns into a genuine store of art pieces. All over the …