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  • Common Irregularities

    Creative week at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Technology, Debrecen

    Text: Gergely Hory, Zoltán Major, Péter Müllner (Prtzn Architecture)
    Photos: Zsófia Roszkos, Prtzn Architecture

    Being supervisors of the topic, we were invited to the creative week organised by the Faculty of Architecture, University of Technology, Debrecen. The theme was associated with the exhibition titled Panel/Prefab opened in September by MODEM in December. The museum had the plans to create installations simultaneously on three housing estates in the city built from windows replaced during the energetic modernization of the prefab buildings. The task of the students was to design the installations managed by the invited supervisors. Our course was meant to extend the potentials and possibilities of experiencing the housing estate context and environment. In order to do so we realized simple interventions that had the potentials to turn common spatial practices into unexpected experiences. To convey it, we relied on a characteristic of the glass panes of the windows at our disposal which we rated as significant: reflection.