Reformation 500

The Traces of the Memorial Year of Reformation Left on the Townscape

Text: Eszter Götz 
Photos: Balázs Danyi, Ákos Polgárdi 

The world celebrates the 500th anniversary of Luther’s action in 2017. The Memorial Year of Reformation has activated cultural and religious …

Following Forms or Innovation?

Architecture of the Reformed in Hungary from the turn of the century to the change of the political regime

Text:  Zorán Vukoszávlyev, Erzsébet Urbán, Dóra Danielisz, Eszter Baku 

From the very beginning of the Protestant movement till today, a large …

Architectural Syntheses

Béla Lajta’s Funeral Art

Text and photos: Tamás Kiss

Funeral works form a formative segment of Lajta’s oeuvre as he had designed more than forty graveyard monuments throughout his lifetime, which is a unique achievement. amongst architects. His highly …

Sustainability to be Reinterpreted

The Four Pillars

Text and photos: Melinda Benkő

Sustainability to be reinterpreted in the 21st century requires focussing on the physical and social facilities of the locality, the emphasis on practice based on quality instead of multidisciplinary theoretical knowledge and …

The Owner of the First Degree in Architecture from the Budapest University of Technology István Kiss born 160 ago

István Kiss (1857–1902) was the first to receive a degree in architecture after graduating in 1880 from the University of Technology in the history of this institution. With his oeuvre he enriched architecture not only in Hungary but also …