Pro Architectura Award 2021

To continue the traditions of the past few years, Pro Architectura award contest was published again in 2021. The goal has been unchanged: to promote outstanding achievements of architects and designers in architecture, landscape art and interior design, to make Hungarian architecture better known, to encourage the creation of high-standard man-made environment, to protect architectural […]

Budapest Architecture Merit Awards 2021

Each year Budapest Architecture Merit Award is awarded on November 15th, the birthday of the capital city to recognize the maintenance, upkeeping and development of the man-made heritage of Budapest based on values with the criteria that works are unique in their harmony with nature and landscape. Due to the pandemic, this year the awards […]

Media Architecture Prize 2021

On November 6th it was the 17th time to award the current year’s outstanding works of architecture with the Media Architecture Prize at the ceremony held in Uránia National Movie Theatre. Founded by Építészfórum, is now a professionals’ event with a past of 17 years, which is unique in the sense that the jury evaluates […]

Hungarian Architecture 2010–2020

MÉK, 2021, 494 pages Text: György Szegő The Chamber of Hungarian Architects surveys the best works of Hungarian architecture in the past decade in this thick bilingual volume. Editor Eszter Dénes, graphic artist András Vizvárdi and the members of the editorial board launched a new series with this publication. This selection offers novelties even for […]

A Slice of Sport

V. 30 Downtown Sports Centre, Budapest Architect: György Skardelli Text: Miklós Okrutay Photos: György Palkó Opened and inaugurated in the summer of 2021, V 30 Downtown Sports Centre is centrally located, and the faculties of the site and the property as well as the projected sports centre to be built had seriously challenging expectations. Rated […]

Polygonizing a Rectangle

Sports Hall, Szentendre Architect: Sándor Jassó Text: Tamás Ulrich Photos: Abigél Riesz The original aim of the project was to design and construct a new sports hall for the Franciscan secondary school in Szentendre which is suited for sports, religious and ceremonial events of the school and can also be used as the venue for […]


Centre of the Calvinist Congregation, Budaörs Architect: Zoltán Berzsák Text: György Major Photos: József Hajdú Budaörs was a village of 6,000 Catholic Swabians back in the early-20th century. Today it is a town with 30,000 residents of heterogenuous religious and cultural background. A unique feature of the historic centre is a section of the main […]

You surrounded me from the front and behind

Belongingness Calvinist Church, Pesterzsébet Architects: Imre Makovecz, Tamás Dósa Papp Text: Zoltán Dragon Photos: Tamás Dósa Papp The sketches of the new church in Pesterzsébet were made by Imre Makovecz, who died ten years ago, whilst designs were elaborated by his pupil, Dósa Papp Tamás. Tradition and reinterpretation, church and communal space: these keywords may […]

Respect and Modesty

St Michael’s Parish Church Communal House, Albertfalva Architect: Zsolt Nemes Text: Gábor Nagy Photos: Zsolt Hlinka Consecrated in 1941, the church erected in honour of St Michael was designed by Jenő Kismarty-Lechner and his son, Jenő Lechner Jr. The characteristic architectural tone of the building was enriched with a harmonious accord to accompany it. The […]

Sensitive Metamorphosis

Residential Building, Budapest Text: Mária Tatai Architects: Tibor Dékány, Ádám Hatvani Photos: Zsolt Hlinka The road named Attila út is also the eastern border of Vérmező in the Buda site of the capital city. Residential buildings located here today are typically 4-6 storey buildings constructed in the 20th century to replace former single-storey developments of […]

A Space for Culture

Csillagerőd, Komárom Architect: István Mányi Text: Tamás Kiss Photos: József Hajdú Csillagerőd, which translates into English as Star Fortress in Komárom achieved its condition which was the starting point for the current reconstruction between 1850 and 1870. At the time of its construction it was rated as one of the most significant defensive system in […]

From Wood, for Water

Dubai Expo, Hungarian Pavilion Architect: Lőrinc Csernyus Text: György Szegő Photos: Bence Csernyus Organised in 2021, the Dubai World Exhibition 2020 kept the original concept introduced in 1851, which means that it addresses the major global issues as the showcase of nations with national pavilions. Architect Lőrinc Csernyus was inspired by the oeuvre of Imre […]