In the Wake of the Last Survivors

Holocaust Memorial Sites

Text: László Levente Balogh

Memorial Wall of Budapest Ghetto, photo: Klein Rudolf

As long as the summer of 2015, there had been no monument of whatsoever in Debrecen to commemorate the local victims of the Holocaust. …

Walls of Commemoration

Comparing the Memorial Wall of the Budapest Ghetto and the Holocaust Memorial Site of Debrecen

Text: Gerda Széplaky

The wall is one of the leitmotifs of memorial architecture which evidently hosts a variety of forms expressing commemoration verbally and …

Destiny of a Housing Estate 5

Careful Orientations in the 21st Century
Purvciems Housing Estate, Riga, Latvia, 1965–78

Text and photos: Melinda Benkő

The process of privatization in Latvia after the change of the political system resulted in returning agricultural lands formerly cultivated to the …

Ottoman Tastes – Creative Energies

Urban Rehabilitation Scheme in Istanbul

Text and photos: Eszter Baku

Istanbul city has shown some genuinely large-scale development tendencies in the past few decades. Year by year there are more and more districts and zones being revived here. Following …

In Lack of the Stone of Wisdom

Urban Opinion Gurus

Text: Zsolt Korren

Pest-Buda in the carving of a picture magazine from Paris, 1857 ©

Although in our everday life we are perfectly able to recognize and identify the people who have the charisma to …

Albert Schickedanz (1846–1915)

Gábor Zoboki’s Memorial Speech at Fiumei Cemetery

Photo: Institute of National Heritage, Zoltán Kapusi

The oeuvre of architect Albert Schickedanz coincides with one of the most flourishing eras of Budapest. Following the integration of the city in 1873 and …

Reporting the Front

The Program of Alejandro Avarena curator for the Venice Biennale 2016

Opening ceremony of the Hungarian Exhibition, Venice Biennale 2015 ©

The Venice Biennale has announced the theme selected by 2016 Biennale director Alejandro Avarena. Titled Reporting From …