The Fifth Tree Ring

A Brief Survey 2015 – Restoring Historic Buildings in Pest County

Text: Gábor Nagy

The leaflet titled A Brief Survey (in Hungarian: Egy kis mustra) has been published now for the fifth time with the ambition to present restoration …

Challenges of the Global World

Lecture in the Thursday School of MÉSZ

Text: Ervin László

Ervin László, a world famous science-philosopher, author and the founder of Budapest Club gave a lecture on December 18th, 2015 in the House of Architects. Organised by a civil …

A Changing World

A Holistic Approach to the Climate Summit in Paris

Text: László Antal Z.

Of all the changes affecting nature in the past two decades it was climate change that has generated the greatest interest of politicians, professionals and societies. …

Interactions of a Mental Map and Perception

Architecture and psychology, research and planning

Text: Anna Losonczi

Kevin Lynchs research: Integrated mental map of Boston

A mental map (mindmap) is an image in our minds about the environment, which is primarily the result of perceptions, and which …

Képek a modern építészeti mozgalom szolgálatában

Csengel-Plank Ibolya

A Bauhaus pécsi mesterei és a nagyvilág című konferencia 2010. januárjában zajlott Pécsett, az Európa Kulturális fővárosa évad egyik első eseményeként. Csengel-Plank Ibolya előadása Molnár Farkasról ezen a konferencián hangzott el. Az előadás illetve annak az Utóiratban …