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  • Interactions of a Mental Map and Perception

    Architecture and psychology, research and planning

    Text: Anna Losonczi

    Kevin Lynch kutatása: Boston összesített mentális térképe

    Kevin Lynchs research: Integrated mental map of Boston

    A mental map (mindmap) is an image in our minds about the environment, which is primarily the result of perceptions, and which is constructed along a logic different from traditional geographical maps. It actually modifies according to subjective assessments of values and viewpoints and continuously changes whilst we are using our environment.
    There is a mutual section of an individual’s own mindmaps which makes up the joint mental map of people of a single environment. The oeuvre of Kevin Lynch is an exemplary evidence of the fact that the simultaneous upkeeping of an attitude of a researcher and a designer, and the continuous connection of them with practice may be fruitful. Presenting the most significant steps associated with this reserach also provides a background to our research project titled the Perceptual Tuning of a Simple Box as it places the topic concerned into a context.