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  • A Changing World

    A Holistic Approach to the Climate Summit in Paris

    Text: László Antal Z.


    Of all the changes affecting nature in the past two decades it was climate change that has generated the greatest interest of politicians, professionals and societies. Several diagnoses have been made of the ecological conditions of Planet Earth in the last decades, and scientific research projects specialized in related issues have come to similar conclusions regarding several aspects: as of today, there are obviously tendencies threatening the future of the entirety of wildlife on the planet. However, it is not a question which could be answered in an unambiguous way based on the international research projects examining the global ecological conditions of Earth whether the exhaustion of energy and raw material resources and freshwater reserves, the reduction of biodiversity, the quantity and quality of soil suitable for agricultural cultivation, the climate change or some other changes should be considered as the most threatening natural changes to existing societies and the future of wildlife globally. This article surveys a series of lectures held in Hungary before and after the climate summit explaining and evaluating the activities of COP 21.