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  • Thoughts on Social Stability

    Architecture and sociology at the 2nd National Architect’s Salon

    Text: László Antal Z.
    Photo: Béla Ilovszky / theater.hu

    Ferenc Miszlivetz sociologist delivered one of the speeches at the opening ceremony of the 2nd Architects’ Salon. In this article, László Z. Antal sociologist explains what ideas he has phrased after viewing the Salon. One of the topics was the role of the cult of ancestors in the life of society, whilst the other was the relationship between nature and society. The recognition of the ecological crisis and the ongoing changes was that a critical approach is turning more and more powerful not only in architecture, but also in medicine, sociology and also other fields. Besides, scientists’ communities tend to question the theoretical foundations of a consumer society. Sociology has yet a key role once again as in the „age of uncertainty” the traditions of the profession can provide the appropriate framework for the criticism of society and also has the potential of offering possible solutions on the social level.