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  • Perception experiments on facade designs

    The workshop of the New Vision

    Text: Anna Losonczi

    In this study I am presenting the group of creative professionals specialized in visual perception referred to as the New Vision (new sight, new approach, new visions) with special emphasis on the works of its Hungarian members (among others, Marcell Breuer, László Moholy Nagy, György Kepes). I wish to survey the highlight the advantages of researching creating lifestyles via the examples of the professional achievements of the team researching and creating in interdisciplinary themes. I intend to prove the meaningfulness of research and studies in interdisciplinary topics for designers as the knowledge acquired may provide new viewpoints for creation. Architectural research work dealing with visual perception have gained significance since the 1930s on first in the Bauhaus, then in science and art schools based in Chicago and New York. Hungarian artists played a key role amongst the founders of this world-famous intellectual-spiritual movement by establishing the scientific trend which still prevails as of today in the international scientific debate on visual perception and some of them are the almost unique architects who have also tested their research in genuine projects or buildings.