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    With Special Regard to Fish, Butterflies and Moths, Planktons
    SZIMA Inaugural Speech, HAP Gallery, Budapest, June 12th, 2014

    Text: Péter Sugár

    Lauder Javne Jewish School, Budapest (with Tamás  Karácsony and Győző Szelényi), 1993-94

    Lauder Javne Jewish School, Budapest (with Tamás Karácsony and Győző Szelényi)

    The analysis of the transformation of the historic core of the city triggered a contextual approach in my work which may be best characterized by integration in the urban fabric, the realization and phrasing of the laws and characteristics of development, the avoidance of a break between the existing environment and the new components, stitching together the torn seams and the harmonization of the various structures. As another aspect of integration in the environment, the wording of a certain kind of inner complexity is also important for me. The two systems, the old and the new correlate and mutually influence each other, being in interaction and entering in dialogues. The new components convey the spatial systems corresponding to their own identites, but the order of their composition, their systems of communication and their constituents adjust to their environment with their scales and dimensions.