14th International Architecture Exhibition Venice

Death in Venice Szöveg: Hatvani Fotók: Hatvani, László György Sáros, International Architecture Exhibition Venice According to previous information, this biennale was meant to be different from all the former ones. The Koolhaas method, „more and more, more is more…”, condensification has proven to be efficient here as well. Themes crowded beneath the head word Fundamentals […]

I. National Architecture Salon

Műcsarnok, Budapest, 3 June – 7 September 2014 Text: Kas Oosterhuis Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky Knowing Hungary from the inside out as from 1978 thanks to my partner in life and business Ilona Lénárd who was born and raised in Budapest, I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer professionalism of the presented built project and of […]

Past in a Frame

Medieval University, Pécs Landscape: Balázs Almási Architect: Antal Gergely Text: Eszter Götz Photos: Balázs Almási, Mária Tatai Remains of the very first university in Hungary were found behind the Cathedral of Pécs. The archaeological site is open to the public now after many years. Modelled after the university of Bologna, the university of Pécs lacking […]

The Reconstruction of Kossuth Lajos Square

The Parliament Museum and the Visitors’ Centre, Budapest Architect: Zoltán Tima Landscape: Sándor Mohácsi Text: Ágnes Józsa Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky Kossuth Square was renewed in 2014. Behind it there is the Parliament designed by Imre Steindl in Neo-Renaissance style which is a spectacular landmark building here when viewed from either the bank of the River […]

The Wellisch Tenement Palace

Reconstruction of KIM Headquarters, Kossuth Square Architects: Béla Bánáti Text: Pál Ritoók Photos: Zoltán Vass, Tamás Bujnovszky The tenement palace once owned by Alfréd Wellisch in today’s Kossuth Square (formerly the Parliament Square) has been used as a public building for a long time now. At present it is part of the complex housing the […]

A Micro-Universe in Kazinczy Street

Cube House, Budapest Architects: Minusplus Text: Bálint Botzheim Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky The building stands in the middle of Madách Promenade and still is avoided by the pedestrian street as it is planned to be continued at Kazinczy Street. At present this is the end of the promenade, which is at the same time the centre […]

Renewed Historic Monuments with a Fresh Eye

Contest for Architectural Photos, MÉSZ-Cabinet Text: Péter Tímár In cooperation with the Cabinet, MÉSZ (the Association of Hungarian Architects) published a contest for architectural photos titled „Renewed Historic Monuments with a Fresh Eye”. Participants of this contest had to present the following sites viewing them with a novelty approach: the Main Square of the Nation […]

33 projects, 99 sentences

Tamás Tomay’s Inaugural Lecture in SZIMA Text: Tamás Tomay Apropos of his 33 projects, Tamás Tomay summarized each of them in 3-3 sentences in his inaugural lecture touching upon his principles and views of architecture and the practice of construction. In his lecture he evoked the greatest figures of contemporary Hungarian architecture, struggles with clients, […]

Issues of Architectural Ornamentation

With Special Regard to Fish, Butterflies and Moths, Planktons SZIMA Inaugural Speech, HAP Gallery, Budapest, June 12th, 2014 Text: Péter Sugár The analysis of the transformation of the historic core of the city triggered a contextual approach in my work which may be best characterized by integration in the urban fabric, the realization and phrasing […]

The Fate of a Housing Estate No. 2

Careful Reflections in the 21st Century Neu Olvenstedt Housing Estate, Magdeburg, Germany 1980–1989 Text: Melinda Benkő Neu („New”) Olvenstedt housing estate was built on the north-western outskirts of Magdeburg in the late 1980s as an experimental project which broke away from the Modernist development typical of prefab housing estates: its East German and Soviet designers […]

Architecture to Develop Communities in Need

Building Design Strategies to Facilitate Social Integration Apropos of International Examples Text: Tibor Tánczos More and more people realize that helping those who live on the margins of society is not only a question of ethics and virtue today. As the social and political burden of massive impoverishment, indebtedness and the loss of homes is […]

Vörös Győző: Machaerus I.

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