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  • Global Sphere: A World Exhibition in Kazakhstan

    EXPO 2017, Astana, 10 June – 10 September 2017

    Text and photos: Pál Lővei

    It is a unique experience to stand by a huge sphere but it is not a less impressive spectacle from a distance either: designed by the Chicago-based Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill the sphere pavilion has been the most powerful attraction of the Expo 2017 in Astana. After the closure of the exhibition the sphere remained on site. With a height of 100 metres, it has a diameter of 80 m and is elevated with a substructure from the ground. It has a shape of a perfectly regular sphere except for the shaft which is filled with 8 high-speed spectacle elevators, and is open on two sides, Beneath the sphere the ground floor is occupied by the national pavilion of the hosting country. The inner circle around the round pavilion houses several theme pavilions, and exhibitions of companies specialized in energetics – it excels as the large „playhouse” of the Shell –, the art pavilion, as well as an auxiliary building containing a series of restaurants, whilst outside it is surrounded by the exhibitions of various nations.