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    Luther Chapel, Pestszentimre

    Architect: András Krizsán
    Text: Erzsébet Maczkó
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    In 2007, when the idea to construct the chapel in Pestszentimre was reborn in the Parish church, the members of the congregation started to pray and work for its construction. In a few years’ time, in 2015 the presbytery decided to build the Lutheran chapel on the hill named Kastélydomb with support from the state, the local government and the church, as well as the sacrifices of the congregation. András Krizsán architect, also the vice-chairman of the Hungarian Evangelical Church’s Architectural Committee was commissioned to design it. The basic concept of the Luther chapel was the granary, which is characterized by pure and simple forms familiar and akin to the Protestant soul. However, these simple forms ambition to maximally meet the functions, and to serve the congregation with both a liturgical and communal space. The scheme by András Krizsán removes the real estate from the residential area of detached family houses and creates the sacredness, which is required by the chapel: its mass was turned into one end of the site border, so as to separate it from the neighbouring plot as much as possible. The lower congregation hall was turned inward in an L shape from the other neighbour’s direction, so that it connects visually with the existing building of the vicarage. The intimacy of the yard enhances by the relatively tall fence of pillars built on the street front from exposed concrete. In the corner of the garden, at the junction of two streets a small belfry was placed which is thus integrated into the row of sacred building sin the main streets and is visible from both streets.

    Architect: András Krizsán
    Fellow architects: Zoltán Tömpe, Lajos Szabó, Gergely Krizsán
    Framework: Orsolya Dudinszky – FD Terv Kft.
    Interiors: Dániel Baló, Nóra Szűts
    Structure: Ákos Medek – Medek Iroda Kft.
    HVAC: Csaba Rosza – Pumpero Bt.
    Electrical engineering: István Paizs – Pivillterv Bt.
    Gardening: Dániel Varga
    Acoustics: Pálné Bite – Vibrocomp Kft.
    Client: Evangelical Parish of Pestszentlőrinc, Gábor Győri dean
    Main contractor: Lőrinci Építő és Fővállalkozó Kft.