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  • Object Found between Earth and Sky

    Text: Gábor U. Nagy

    Szputnyikmegfigyelő állomás, Szombathely, 1968, 1973, Fotó: U. Nagy Gábor

    Meeting the local observatory for earth satellites in Szombathely moved me so deeply that I looked up its designs in the archives of Vasiterv. I came upon the architectural documentations of this building that are also displayed here on the walls, including those of statics and the craziest fittings, which I used for an exhibition in Felsőszolnok later on for a module of the Master School with the title An Object Found Between the Earth and the Sky. This „between the earth and the sky” has kept me interested ever since. The exhibition in N&n Gallery in 2005 – which I had the honour to open myself – had a very passionate emotional appeal to me then, which is a sort of spiritual part of Zalotay’s soul, character and architecture. I intend to make a relatively objective presentation of this building. The very first document was dated on May 10th, 1967. This letter was written by the Management of the Museums in Vas County, and it was addressed to the Office of Designs’ of the Council in Vas County. It is about a commission to design 1 item of an observatory of earth satellites. It documents that the designs of execution are requested to be submitted by a certain deadline in August. It is an unbelievably nice story, a complete and realistic procedure of handling things.