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    Modular Structure Construction fromWaste Paper

    Text: Márton Nagy, Ágnes Juhász, Bettina Ónodi

    Architecture, Visual Works is a subject with always changing themes taught at the Faculty of Architecture, BME targeted to gain experience in the process of creation with the aim to develop creativity and design skills, on the whole by getting acquainted with the creative methods of an art closely associated with architecture. Training at the doctoral school of architectural art ambitions to actively involve students who act as indicators of higher education, In the second term of the academic year 2020/2021 the topic were established by two doctoral research projects ongoing at the Residential Building Design Department. Ágnes Juhász researches into common features of buildings originating from various periods, which may be useful also for the interpretation and design of contemporary buildings. Her research work focusses on analysing installations created while studying this subject as contemporary transformations of tents. Bettina Ónodi researches the role of modelling in architectural design, which means that thinking in terms of manual model-making as a design attitude is in the focus throughout this term.