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    International Architects’ Conference, Budapest, March 8th, 2019

    „Oriental people in the West, western people in the East”, this is the slogan of this year’s International Architects’ Conference, which defines already in its title the fact that despite the globalization of architectural practices, there still exist these two categories on the level of traditional concepts and ideas: we associate with the concepts of the East and the West remarkably different images. This year’s topic is meant to survey to what extent it is justified. It is the second time that „an outsider curator” has organised the architectural conference which has been a success for 16 years now in a row. Last year, Ákos Moravánszky was also a participant and thus architects participating in the training held in Zurich came to visit Hungary now. Architectural thinking focussing on texture seems to be a less known trend in Hungary, which is presented at the conference now. Emiel Lamers, who is quite familiar with Hungarian architecture, was in charge of the professional aspects of the event, and he was also acting as the moderator of the programmes.