Pro Architectura Prize 2019

The most prestigious professional acknowledgement of architecture in Hungary, Pro Architectura Prize is awarded annually to outstanding works of architecture, urban architecture, landscape design and interior architecture for both architects and designers, who promote Hungarian architecture, contribute to the creation of high-standard man-made environment, the protection and preservation of architectural values, the shaping of attitudes […]

Budapest Award 2019

On November 20th, FUGA hosted this year’s awards ceremony of the Budapest Prize. This recognition is meant to promote the creation of new values according to the ambition of the Municipality as well as the preservation of traditional values, and the development of architectural and environmental culture. The function of the Award is to acknowledge […]

Media Architecture Prize 2019

Founded by Építészfórum, the awards ceremony of Media Architecture Prize has now been a significant professional event for 15 years. Taking place on November 8th in Uránia National Movie Theatre, it was also the first show of buildings and scemes submitted for the design contest, much in the same way as in the previous years. […]

Exemplary Architecture with Versatile Contents

Puskás Arena, Budapest Architect: György Skardelli Text: György Szegő Photos: György Palkó Recently inaugurated, Puskás Arena in Budapest impresses us from afar as an enormous heterogenuous sculpture which first seems to be a monolith evoking antique associations, but then on a closer inspection reveals the sophisticated lacy concrete tracery of the original structure. Architect György […]

The Circle Meaning a Whole World

Debrecen International School Architect: Péter Bordás Text: Dávid Bán Photos: György Palkó Located on the outskirts of Debrecen, the International School designed by BORD Architects is gently trying to loosen up the framework of traditional school systems, an ambition reflected in its designs treating it freely and more transparently. The management of the city made […]


The Reconstruction of Gergely Csiky Theatre, Kaposvár Architects: Krisztina L. Balogh, Iván Halas, Ifj. Ferenc Lőrincz Text: György Szegő Photos: Ifj. Ferenc Lőrincz The theatre building of Kaposvár is an outstanding work of Hungarian Art Nouveau. Built in 1911, it has been rated as an excellent building of the style in Hungary ever since. Its […]

Silent Architecture

Nevill Holt Opera, Leicestershire, Great Britain Architect: Witherford Watson Mann Text: Eszter Götz Photos: Jim Stephenson / Architects Journal The current owner of the old castle of Nevill Holt bought the house in 2000 and has spent the last 12 years on its restoration. Under the ownership of David Ross, Nevill Holt has become known […]

The Beauty of Városliget

Millennium House, Budapest Architects: Csaba Nagy, Károly Pólus Text: Sándor Csontó Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky The reconstruction of the former Olof Palme House, one of the oldest historic buildings in the City Park has been completed within the framework of Liget Budapest Project. Beautifully facelifted, it now welcomes visitors as the Millennium House with an interactive […]

In the Background, in Balance

Agroverzum Visitors’ Centre, Martonvásár Architect: István Pálinkás Text: Zorán Vukoszávlyev Photos: József Hajdú The former Brunszvik–Dréher mansion in Martonvásár is one of the centres of today’s botanical research work. The development of the world-famed research institution is now realized after a carefully planned strategy, designs include the ceasure of the historical buildings utilization, which is […]

In a New Attire

Mimama’s Kitchen, Budapest Architect: Ifj. Zoltán Reznicsek Text: Tamás Kiss Photos: Wolfgang Croce Right next to the cold railway tracks winding in Kelenföld, Mimama’s kitchen is situated in a neutral industrial fabric of the city. Designs of the external architecture of the house has evolved from the concept of a symbolic monumental column the functions […]

Viewed from Three Aspects

Foliage Education Trail, Pannonhalma Architect: Péter Szabó Text: Anett Mizsei Photos: Balázs Danyi Supported by steel struts and columns, it “floats” with a dynamic sweep in the sea of foliages among the trees of the parkland. Although it is not a lookout in the ordinary sense of the word, it offers new prospects and views […]

Radical transformation

Developing the centre of a settlement, Gyermely Architects: Péter Gereben, Balázs Marián Text: Szilvia Molnár Photos: Balázs Danyi Having in-depth knowledge of the structure of the village Gyermely, the team named Gereben Marián Architects managed by Balázs Marián DLA and Péter Gereben found themselves a challenge here at the end of the 2000s. As a […]