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    Mimama’s Kitchen, Budapest

    Architect: Ifj. Zoltán Reznicsek
    Text: Tamás Kiss
    Photos: Wolfgang Croce

    Right next to the cold railway tracks winding in Kelenföld, Mimama’s kitchen is situated in a neutral industrial fabric of the city. Designs of the external architecture of the house has evolved from the concept of a symbolic monumental column the functions of which were then taken over by the building itself in its own significance. Its name refers to the strong intensive relationships between various generations of the family: it is to honour the grandmother whose former kitchen must have been a kind of symbol for the new restaurant. The site was a given one: owners ambitioned to house the restaurant in the industrial building formerly functioning as a garage. Its architect, Zoltán Reznicsek Jr. decided to create an extraordinary facade design: the parametric principle he chose defined the new layer of a geometrical aluminium facework enveloping the existing structure. Featuring angles broken several times, the white triangles of the surfaces come to create a dynamic composition enhanced with varied shade effects. Its folded appearance impresses us with a tectonic effect which is reinforced by the covered deck of the lateral facade.

    Architect: Zoltán Reznicsek
    Consultant: György Ruisz
    Parametric design: Martin Dudás
    Structure: Pál Miklán
    HVAC: Kristóf Almay
    Electrical engineering: Dr. György Grabner
    Kitchen technology: Pál Tamás Aczél
    Client: BVI Baumgartner Zrt.