Böhm 100

The Concrete Cathedral of Neviges DAM, Frankfurt, 18 January – 27 September 2020 Gottfried Böhms 100th birthday is on January 23, 2020. We intend to celebrate it: with an exhibition devoted to the pilgrimage church in Neviges, one of his most important designs. Commissioned by Franciscan monks and the second largest church in the Archdiocese […]

Cold War and Architecture

Contributions to Austria’s Democratization after 1945 Az Wien, Vienna, 17 October 2019 – 24 February 2020 After the liberation of Austria in spring 1945 and the occupation by the four victorious powers of Great Britain, France, USA, and the Soviet Union, Vienna became a central stage for the Cold War. The competition of the systems […]

Bentwood and Beyond

Thonet and Modern Furniture Design MAK, Vienna, 18 December 2019 – 6 September 2020 To commemorate Thonet’s 200th anniversary, the MAK is presenting a major exhibition on modern furniture, in which the signature bentwood furniture of the world famous company is placed in the context of contemporary technological, typological, aesthetic, and historical developments. Thonet’s bentwood […]

Otto Prutscher

Universal Designer of Viennese Modernism MAK, Vienna, 20 November 2019 – 17 May 2020 Otto Prutscher (1880–1949) was an architect and designer, an exhibition designer, teacher, and member of all the important arts and crafts movements—from the Secession to the Werkbund. Prutscher was one of the first students of the Vienna School of Arts and […]

The Playground Project

Architecture for Children DAM, Frankfurt, 9 November 2019 – 21 June 2020 Between 1950 and 1980 the playground was a creative laboratory. In the cities of the Global North, innovative, crazy and exciting projects emerged: Landscape architects, artists, activists and citizens wanted to provide children with the best place for play and try out a […]

In Norwegian Landscapes

Hunting High and Low DAM, Frankfurt, 14 September 2019 – 19 January 2020 Photos: DAM A tradition in Norwegian architecture emphasizes tactile and spatial experiences and reflects the relationship between buildings and landscape. Sensitivity to place, experimental tectonics and profound attention to detail characterize the tradition. Norwegian architecture is challenged by new dense urban development […]

COVER /// AGE – 2nd National Salon of Architecture

Kunsthalle, Budapest, 26 April – 25 August 2019 Photos: Műcsarnok, Béla Ilovszky / theater.hu In the last five years the Műcsarnok has served as the venue for the National Salons, which have attracted significant interest from professional circles and the lay audience alike. Every year the fresh achievements of another genre are presented. In 2019 […]

Light Architecture

Kunsthalle, Budapest, 5 July – 25 August, 2019 Photo: Zsolt Hlinka The installation visualises the conception of architectural form abstractly, in a special light matrix. Thanks to the semi-virtual display, the movement of space can be perceived and the successive metamorphoses of the spaces can also be understood: visitors can experience symbolically and physically the […]

Café As. The Survival of Simon Wiesenthal

Jüdisches Museum Wien, 29 May – 12 January 2020 Photos: Jüdisches Museum Wien Simon Wiesenthal is known today as that man who devoted his life to justice for the victims of the Shoah. His profession as an architect, which he pursued until his persecution by the Nazi regime, has largely been forgotten. During his internment […]

Hans Hollein unpacked: The Haas-Haus

SammlungsLab #4 Az Wien, 13 June – 19 August 2019 Photos: Az Wien Even before and during its construction the Haas-Haus directly opposite St. Stephen’s Cathedral caused many a controversy. On the occasion of Hans Hollein’s (1934-2014) 85th birthday we open up his archives and offer insight into the conception of what is probably his […]

Bauhaus100. Abstract Revue

Selected Works from the Estate of Andor Weininger Hungarian National Gallery, 29 March – 28 July 2019 Photos: Hungarian National Gallery To mark the centenary of the founding of the Bauhaus and the 120th anniversary of the birth of Andor Weininger, an exhibition organised from the artist’s legacy will open in the Hungarian National Gallery. […]

Critical Care – Architecture for a Broken Planet

ArchitekturZentrum Wien, 25 April – 9 September 2019 Photos: AZWien A planet in crisis. The earth in intensive care. Man-made environmental and social catastrophes are threatening to render the planet uninhabitable. The situation is critical and, dominated by the interests of capital, architecture and urbanism are caught up in the crisis. The exhibition ‘Critical Care’ […]