Radical transformation

Developing the centre of a settlement, Gyermely

Architects: Péter Gereben, Balázs Marián
Text: Szilvia Molnár
Photos: Balázs Danyi

Having in-depth knowledge of the structure of the village Gyermely, the team named Gereben Marián Architects managed by Balázs Marián DLA …

Oxford in the foothills of the Alps

Facelifted Benedictine Convent House, Kőszeg

Architect: Robert Gutowski
Text: Dr. Ferenc Miszlivetz
Photos: Tibor Ohr

An eventful year started in 2014 when ISES Foundation was commissioned by the Prime Minister’s office to work out a study on viability with …

The Place Where…

Intimacy, creativity, flow

Text: Tamás Fejérdy, Ferenc Miszlivetz, Laura Takács

Architectural spaces do not tend to be utility calculations in the case of historic towns, as they are born based on human needs, well-established and fixed habits, the respect …

Treating Landscape Injuries with Art

Volcanoes Park, Zalahaláp

Sculptors: Rhea Marmentini, Zoltán Balanyi
Text: Balázs Szász
Photos: Rhea Marmentini, Zoltán Balanyi

Born in a family of doctors and artists, Chilean-Hungarian sculptor Rhea Marmentini started to realize one of her long-time dream at the meeting …

Creative Space Utilization

Architectural and social aspects

Text: Laura Takács, Dr. Tamás Fejérdy

One of the goals of redesigning historic spaces is to make cooperation easier, create communities and initiate spontaneous meetings. This kind of space design is not only targeted to …

Creative Vienna

Space and Experience – Vienna Biennale 2019
MAK, Vienna, 29 May – 26 October 2019

Text: György Szegő
Photos: MAK, Júlia Szegő

Vienna has been evolving as a megapolis for 70 years now – accompanied by every beauty and …

Global Village, Creative City

Thoughts on a new column

Text: Dr. Zoltán Lantos / iASK

The new topic-related column Creative Cities is devoted to the initiatives with the scales of regions and settlements that target to develop the individual cities and towns economically, …

The Significance of High-Standard Architecture

Origen Festival, Switzerland

Text and photos: Bálint Rigó

Located in the Swiss canton of Graubünden, Origen festival has been held every year at a mountain pass since 2006. The very first professional facility of a theatre, it has also …