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  • Creative Space Utilization

    Architectural and social aspects

    Text: Laura Takács, Dr. Tamás Fejérdy

    One of the goals of redesigning historic spaces is to make cooperation easier, create communities and initiate spontaneous meetings. This kind of space design is not only targeted to meet a certain type of direct functional needs, but also to reframe communal and social life as well as to reframe corporal and organisational culture. Inspiring spaces are physical manifestations of economic, social and cultural forces. The changing nature of innovation changes spaces into open flexible venues, where various professions and branches of science can easily approach each other. Incubator houses, innovation centres, new research institutes tend to appear as the cradles of the innovation process, supporting versatile activities in various locations. They reinforce the interactions and cooperation between people and their groups, which is the reason why their spaces tend to be open, transparent and inviting, opening up new ways in communication and sharing, offering opportunities to consciously reconsider the activities to be expected, that is a wide variety of events and happenings.