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  • Enigma 92 – Correspondence of Károly Kós and Aurél Papp

    Journal Presentation and Discussion
    Association of Hungarian Architects, 20 March 2018

    Text: György Szegő

    Launched 25 years ago, Enigma is a journal specialized in art theory. Its issue No. 92 presents the correspondence between Károly Kós (1883–1977) architect, writer, graphic artist, cultural organiser with Aurél Papp (Aurel Popp 1879–1960) painter and sculptor, culture politician, thanks to György Sümegi historian and art historian as an invited editor. The current issue of the journal chose the topic as György Sümegi has found the letters the two artists had as friends between 1922 and 1960 this correspondence is permeated by an active attitude and sense of responsibility for the joint culture of Hungarian-Saxon-Transylvanian nationalities.