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  • The Transformation of Materials in Architecture

    International Architects Conference 2018

    Text: Bálint Botzheim

    This year’s conference was hosted by the recently inaugurated building of Közszolgálati University organised by Artifex Publishing Co. and AHA (Association of Hungarian Architects). Ákos Moravánszky was invited to act as chairman who also selected the lectures included in the programme. This year’s topic was The Transformation of Materials in Architecture, which underlines the theoretical tendency as opposed to last year’s theme. The university standard of the lecture by Ákos Moravánszky himself provided firm basis and framework of architectural theory for this. The majority of architects invited for the conference teach at ETH, and their works selected for this event accentuates creativity and playfulness besides metamorphosis. Moravánszky had an obvious goal: to provide inspiration for participants of the conference.