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    On the 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Society of Urbanistics

    Text: Imre Körmendy


    Tibor Farkas: Regional development plan of Balaton, 1964

    The Hungarian Society of Urbanistics (MUT) was founded fifty years ago. Throughout its history, it has always been a genuine union of representatives of our profession who co-operate and think together. During its existence of five decades, MUT has evolved into a framework of co-operation for civic politicians, administrative professionals, engineers, architects, transport professionals, demographists, economists and sociologists. The ceremonial conference to celebrate the anniversary is an attempt to renew this tradition. Besides commemoration, the basic idea of the author may be summed up like this: the whole is always more important than the part. The goal with which the founding members started with 50 years ago (to initiate and reinforce communication between various fields of specialisation and facilitate common thinking) is now an even more pressing issue in the age of intense specialisation than it has been ever before.