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  • John Pawson: Minimum


    Miasszonyunk apátság, Nový Dvůr, Csehország, 2004. Fotó: Jens Weber

    Klášter Nový Dvůr, 2004. Photo: Jens Weber

    The famous architect makes an attempt to formulate ideas associated with architecture and fine arts using simplicity as a starting point. Beyond that, he also refers to a lifestyle by the concept of simplicity interpreting it as a device for formulating and grasping everyday rituals and the most elementary existential needs. He also makes an attempt to analyse the load-bearing capacity of the notion of the „minimum”, the possibilities in ambitioning simplicity, in the intellectual sense on the one hand and also regarding what this may mean from the aspects of creative work. This article is actually the preface to the volume published in 2006 in which the author summarizes his views on visuality.