Cooperation Reaching Beyond Frontiers

The Management of MÉSZ in Gyula and Arad Text: Rita Szabó Photos: Péter Hegedűs The management of MÉSZ (the Association of Hungarian Architects) held its touring meeting in Gyula this June. The programme outlined by chairman László György Sáros DLA emphasized the importance of building closer relations with the countryside and encouraging the foundation and […]

Green Spectacle

EXPO Milan, May 1st-October 31st, 2015 Text: György Szegő Photos: Hanna Szegő, György Szegő The topic of the Milan-based world exhibition which is an architectural survey taking place in 2015 covering an area of 1 million square metres is as follows: „To nurture Planet Earth and give energy to Life”. This year’s EXPO presents a […]

The Little Prince’s Visit

Prezi Office, Budapest Architects: Zsolt Alexa, Donát Rabb, Ákos Schreck Text: Eszter Baku Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky The most dynamically developing enterprise in Hungary even by international standards, Prezi was founded in 2009 by Péter Árvai, Péter Halácsy and Ádám Somlai-Fischer. Its continuously changing office complex has found its new home in a historic space, the […]

A Miracle in Csomád

Sports Centre, Csomád Architects: József Kolossa, András Weiszkopf Text: Sándor Csontó Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky The new building of the Local Sports Club evokes the best traditions of Hungarian Modernism, as it blends formal inspiration drawn from structure with social sensitivity on a tiny area. At the end of the main road leading here straight from […]

A Friendly Match

Audi Arena, Győr Architect: János Sándor Text: Fanni Gárdos Photos: Tibor Zsitva The new sports hall is really important for the city of Győr as sports events are so high-standard there that they definitely have deserved such fine conditions and facilities. The women’s handball team has especially earned it recently with their excellent results. As […]

Concentrating Functions

Fusion Winery, Eger Architects: Gábor Fábián, Dénes Fajcsák Text: Marianna Berényi Photos: Árpád Pintér Located near the heart of Eger, Fusion winery opened its revolving lamella doors to the public in 2014. Three years earlier the young architects from Arkt Stúdió were given the chance to design a new building covering a floor area of […]

An Image Assembled

The Reconstruction of Esterházy Castle, Pápa Architect: Judit Bernadett Kaló Text:Tamás Fejérdy Photos: Tibor Zsitva Arriving at Esterházy Castle, a protected historic monument in Pápa, one is impressed by the neat well-kept environment first of all. On entering the cour d’honneur wedged in between the two lateral wings reaching forward, we are overwhelmed by a […]

Infrastructure to Serve Culture

Plzeň – Europe Cultural Capital 2015 Text: Edit Pálinkás Photos: Vojtěch Auibrecht, Libor Sváček Infrastructural investments and developments play key roles in the project of European Cultural Capitals. Just like in the case of many ECC cities, this statement holds true for Plzeň where the majority of programmes are based on such developments. Thanks to […]

Added Value

Czech Architectural Award 2015 Text: László Mikó The Association of Czech Architects awarded its most prestigious prize, the Czech Architectural Award for the 22nd time in May this year. Publishing the call for this professional recognition year by year, there are seven categories listed below in which projects realized in the Czech Republic can be […]


An odyssey of architectural adaptation On the heels of its summer blockbuster BIG Maze, the international design firm BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) returns to the National Building Museum with a behind-the-scenes look at its creative process. The exhibition, HOT TO COLD: an odyssey of architectural adaptation, takes visitors from the hottest to the coldest parts […]

John Pawson: Minimum

Preface The famous architect makes an attempt to formulate ideas associated with architecture and fine arts using simplicity as a starting point. Beyond that, he also refers to a lifestyle by the concept of simplicity interpreting it as a device for formulating and grasping everyday rituals and the most elementary existential needs. He also makes […]

Utopia and Reality

Megastructures and their designs realized in Hungary Text: Balázs Gurdon The three decades between 1960 and 1990 were undoubtedly the period of impressive numbers in the history of urban architecture in Hungary: there have never been so few dwellings built during 30 years in this country before or even since then. The pressure to construct […]