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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • A Miracle in Csomád

    Sports Centre, Csomád

    Architects: József Kolossa, András Weiszkopf
    Text: Sándor Csontó
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky


    The new building of the Local Sports Club evokes the best traditions of Hungarian Modernism, as it blends formal inspiration drawn from structure with social sensitivity on a tiny area. At the end of the main road leading here straight from the church, it offers shelters promising recreation for both soul and body, awaiting believers and fans with open doors. The scheme contributed to the square by creating forms of a crystallised geometry which is simple regarding proportions and materials, an architecture open to the desired directions of the site offering active relaxation. In 2012 the builder modified the already licensed plans owing to economic considerations by reducing one of the wings of the building and schedulling the construction in several stages. As a result, the northern wing completed now features only two-storeys and has a floor levelling with the footsal field. From the first floor the grand stand-corridor to be built in the second stage along the longer side of the grass-covered filed shall lead on to the top of the southern wing sunk beneath the ground – which is hopefully going to be built too.
    The first storey with an arched facade above the open ground-floor reception area deeply reaching in is supported by ferro-concrete columns clad in steel sheets. The facade facing the field covered with artificial lawn is open in space: it simultaneously provides undisturbed view and the closure of the two sides of the triangle. This kind of spatial playfulness further articulates the building with scales easy to grasp anyway. Starting from the point of the upper storey, the grand stand deck is supported by columns and reaches far ahead just like the bow of a ship o terrace to offer excellent views of both fields and a great opportunity for fans to experience and enjoy the game they watch to the full.

    Architects: József Kolossa DLA, András Weiszkopf
    Fellow architects: Katalin Kolossáné Bartha, Lilla Árkovics, Annamária Babos, Zsófia Gönczöl
    Structure: László Mózes
    HVAC: Zoárd Mangel
    Electrical engineering: Tamás Piller
    Graphic elements: Dóra Máthé
    Main contractor: Tildi Bau Kft.
    Client: Csomád Önkormányzat Polgármesteri Hivatal