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    The Reconstruction of Esterházy Castle, Pápa

    Architect: Judit Bernadett Kaló
    Text:Tamás Fejérdy
    Photos: Tibor Zsitva


    Arriving at Esterházy Castle, a protected historic monument in Pápa, one is impressed by the neat well-kept environment first of all. On entering the cour d’honneur wedged in between the two lateral wings reaching forward, we are overwhelmed by a sort of archaic-ceremonious feeling, probably because of the large integral expanses of white facades reflecting a Classicizing architecture which are counteracted by untreated stone frames and dark brown windows. However, our most striking experience here is something else which is enhanced later on when seeing the interiors: there is no trace of violent narcissism here. What we actually witness is a building which is now capable of being itself again, after the restoration project restored its original identity and glory. The greatest challenge of this scheme was probably to allow the attitude in the background to manifest itself. Another important factor to facilitate and contribute to the building’s self-restoration is that now, after a long interval, it is now also held together as an integral complex functioning as a museum which also doubles as a tourist centre offering a large variety of contents and family-friendly services. As a result, we have been enriched with a historic building restored sensitively and in a professionally high-standard way.

    General design: Archigeo Bt.
    Leading architect: Judit Bernadett Kaló
    Architects: Boglárka Bertalan, Katalin Tusor, Dániel Maros
    Reconstruction: András Pandula
    Structure: Dr. Diána Meskóné Békefi
    HVAC: Zoltán Hutterer, György Nika
    Electrical engineering: Ferenc Haasz
    Wall isolation: Alajos Deschmann
    Fire protection: Ferenc Muhari
    Cast iron works: János Lehoczky
    Textile works: Erika Hajnal
    Lamp reconstruction: Károly Mohos
    Lanscape: Anita Szabadics, Rita Remeczki
    Art historian: György Bartos, Erzsébet Vadászi
    Archaeologists: Csaba László, Orsolya Csirke
    Restorers: Zoltán Takács, Marianne Takácsné Szabó, Izabella Maracskó, András Pák, György Szalay, Péter Rákos, Éva Král, Zsuzsa Kovács, Mónika Czifra, Erika Vadnai, Katalin Szutor, Szilvia Hernády, Miklós Szentkirályi, Orsolya Zsámboki, György Hernády, Krisztina Zsolnay
    Client: Pápa Város Önkormányzata