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“Floating Islands” Being Prepared

Rác Baths, Budapest Architect: Tamás Dévényi Text: Ágnes Bechtold Photos: József Hajdú After many decades of mishaps, the bad fortune of Rác Baths seems to be coming to an end. It was not World War II that did the worst of damage to the building mellowed by age but the period following it (such as […]

Owl House with Panorama

Reconstruction and the development of attic Architects: Aladár Csontos, Péter Nagy Text: Tímea Papp Photos: TNA Stúdió Damaged during World War II, the first and second storeys within the block of the four left-hand axes of the building were destoryed in an L shape. Whilst designing it there was a concept of having the roof […]

Attics All Over the City

Conference organized by KÉK, Basilica, Budapest, 27 February 2009 Text: Edina Horváth Held in the cupola hall of Basilica on February 27th 2009, the conference entitled „Budapest is not Vienna – Attics in the Fabric of the Protected Urban Monuments” organized by KÉK (Kortárs Építészeti Központ – Contemporary Architectural Centre) was meant to compare the […]

Rhetorical Questions

A Book on Mihály Pollack Text: György Szegő Edited by János Gerle and published by Holnap Publishing House, the new volume of the series entitled The Masters of Architecture is a large-scale venture. Pollack is the first master in chronology and his veneration is just about to take shape – even though very slowly – […]

Károly Kós 125

Association of Hungarian Architects, 16 December 2008 Text: Dr. Dénes Nagy On December 16th, 2008 the 125th birthday of Károly Kós was celebrated in an accordingly stylish way by the professional organizations of Hungarian architecture: with music and lectures, the commemoration of those awarded the prize named after him, as well as a reprint edition […]

At the Wall

Monument in memory of the victims of fascism, Balf Architect: Barnabás Winkler Sculptor: László Kutas Text: Ferenc Vidor Photos: Attila Polgár In Balf situated on the western frontier of Hungary, now at last there is a monument which the whole of Hungarian society has owed for a long time: it was erected in memory of […]

Denk mal an Denkmal

Denkmal, Leipzig, 2008 Text and photos: Ágnes Jószai In 2000 the management of denkmal decided to publish a competition for university students entitled Messeakademie so as to draw atttention to the peculiarity of designing associated with the historical monument. The management of the fair invited Hungary to be a partner country in 2008. This prestigious […]