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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Owl House with Panorama

    Reconstruction and the development of attic

    Architects: Aladár Csontos, Péter Nagy
    Text: Tímea Papp
    Photos: TNA Stúdió


    Damaged during World War II, the first and second storeys within the block of the four left-hand axes of the building were destoryed in an L shape. Whilst designing it there was a concept of having the roof flown onto the vacant lot, but in the end the bombed section was reconstructed as based on the original designs and the remaining parts of the building preserving the original facade as its designer regarded it important to have a ’whole’ where one can start out from. The house itself was given the chance of rebirth apropos of the attic extension. The staircase and the facades were restored whilst the yard received tiny cobblestone pavement of basalt. Tenants can use now a glass elevator and a new access down to the cellars, where storage rooms have been fashioned. Treating the whole house as one unit, all the old doors and windows were replaced with special emphasis on palette and colouring. When extending the building, six flats were fashioned: two in the restored part and four in the attic.

    Client: LOFTHome Development Kft., György Losonczi
    Fellow architect: Nándor Szabó P.
    Main contractor: TANDART Kft.
    General design: TNA Studio Kft.
    Leading architect: Péter Nagy
    Architects: Péter Nagy, Aladár Csontos
    Structure: István Kerek
    Installation: Ernő Horváth
    Electrical engineering: Gábor Nagy