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  • Makovecz Imre: Apropos of Reading “Writings from 1989–2009”

    Text: György Szegő


    Besides writings selected from Imre Makovecz’s latest volume entitled Writings from 1989–2009 (Írások 1989-2009) such as „watery” spectacles, designs, a chapel, a recreation park and a wellness bath, we are also including now two excerpts answering the actual poetic-rhetorical question, whether we should prioritize the scenery of Angkor as the spiritual core of national „tourism and travel developments” or it is a hoax demo. Is it a must to have a first-class casino (with 1,000 tables) erected on the intact shores of Lake Velencei? Or would our underground and aboveground water reserves deserve an authentic concept and at least the experimental chance of theoretically phrasing the „watery”image of the country?