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  • Cooperation Reaching Beyond Frontiers

    The Management of MÉSZ in Gyula and Arad

    Text: Rita Szabó
    Photos: Péter Hegedűs


    The management of MÉSZ (the Association of Hungarian Architects) held its touring meeting in Gyula this June. The programme outlined by chairman László György Sáros DLA emphasized the importance of building closer relations with the countryside and encouraging the foundation and re-organisation of local MÉSZ teams. In the past three years the management of the Association visited the towns and cities of Sopron, Miskolc, Kassa, Kecskemét and Kaposvár, among others, so as to gain first-hand experience of the problems and opportunities of architects practising in the country. This meeting in Gyula was one of the meetings of this kind. The three-day programme was organised by István Béres, chief architect of Gyula, offering the management the opportunity to get acquainted with the urban development schemes of the town and visit all the sites associated with these projects, such as the Aqua Palace, the recently completed part of the baths complex, the Visitors’ Centre of Almásy Castle and the fort of Gyula. The programme included a meeting with the chairman of the Architects’ Chamber of Békés county, which offered the chance to start building a long-term co-operation. From Gyula the members of the management travelled to Arad to meet the town’s chief architect and deputy mayor, as well as representatives of the local architects’ chamber, which was followed by their visit to the Vásárhelyi-Bréda mansion in Lökösháza.