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    Prezi Office, Budapest

    Architects: Zsolt Alexa, Donát Rabb, Ákos Schreck
    Text: Eszter Baku
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky


    The most dynamically developing enterprise in Hungary even by international standards, Prezi was founded in 2009 by Péter Árvai, Péter Halácsy and Ádám Somlai-Fischer. Its continuously changing office complex has found its new home in a historic space, the so-called Merkur Palace. Previously named as Teréz Centre, it was the headquarters of the first telephone operation centre built between 1900 and 1903. After being stripped of its original functions, the building provided a versatile environment to offer a freely shapeable framework for the company which has phrased its modern-age communication expectations in an innovative way.
    Best adjusted to the work methods of Prezi, the interior design and characteristic spatial configuration of the centre were designed by architects from Minusplus, namely by Zsolt Alexa, Donát Rabb and Ákos Schreck. The top floor, which was taken possession of first of all, is a scene of continuous changes. As a whole, it actually evokes the atmosphere of a large-size creative playfield, where a hilltop covered with artificial lawn embedded in historic architectural context can peacefully coexist with a transparent open-space office, a row of hidden conference rooms disguised as boxes gradually opening up suited to house mini.conferences or hide.and-seek. The key word here was belakás, which means taking possession of every available empty surface of walls and furniture, regardless of their materials, which look suitable to express, mediate, contextualize or simply use ideas. Rich in details, all these components of interior design characteristically separate the adjoining levels from each other, which gives the interiors unmistakenably individual characters.

    Architecture and design: Minusplus Kft.
    Leading architect: Zsolt Alexa, Donát Rabb, Ákos Schreck
    Project architects: Gabriella Antal, Tímea Molnár, Balázs Turai
    Fellow architects: Zsófia Bakó, Ágnes Bubla, Péter Debreczeni, Kata Gulyás, Zsófia Hompók, Balázs Kis, Ferenc Kis, Eszter Macsuga, Szabina Pap, Olga Péteri, Tímea Szodorai, Blanka Zvolenszki
    Structure: Pannon Holding Development Kft.
    HVAC: HR Team Studio KFT.
    Structured network: Sg Elektric Kft.
    Electrical engineering: Gyula Horváth
    Fire protection: F. S. Z. Tűzvédelem BT.
    Management: Kildalton Kft.
    Main contractors: Kaparit Kft., Art ’N Bau Kft.
    Client: Prezi.com Kft.