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    Czech Architectural Award 2015

    Text: László Mikó

    Tóparti ház, Doksy, építészek: Pavel Nasadil, Jan Horky – FAM Architekt

    Lakeside house, Doksy, architects: Pavel Nasadil, Jan Horky – FAM Architekt

    The Association of Czech Architects awarded its most prestigious prize, the Czech Architectural Award for the 22nd time in May this year. Publishing the call for this professional recognition year by year, there are seven categories listed below in which projects realized in the Czech Republic can be nominated. The jury award a grand prix and one prize within each category every year, as well as gives special recognitions to praise the applicants, as many as they feel justified. In 2015 László Mikó was selected to be the chairman of the jury which included the following members: Irene Raud (Estonia), Isabelle Lomholt (United Kingdom), Regina Loukotová (Czech Republic) and Włodzimierz Mucha (Poland). A total of 86 applications have been submitted for the contest including photos and tableaux presenting the design sas well as project descriptions. The Czech Architectural Award in 2015 went to Doksy (Lakeshore House) in the category of detached family houses. Of the new buildings the winner is the Architectural Centre in Brno, the facelifting category was won by the Klatovy Glass Museum (Pask), Tea Salon (in Prague) and 4Dvory Park (České Budějovice) were praised for interior and landscape design. The design and „minor architecture” were won by the Warsaw Movie Theatre (Liberec) for the reconstruction of its foyer, and in the category of detached family houses a building in Svetice was rated as the best.