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    The Future of the Museum of Architecture

    Interview: Eszter Götz

    13. sz. pályamű – Philaemon 2003 Kft., tervezők: Farsang Zsolt, Bolla Ákos, Berkeczi István, Molnár G. Levente, Bodnár Viktor

    MuseumLiget Competition – 13th Applicant: Philaemon 2003 Kft.,
    architects: Zsolt Farsang, Ákos Bolla, István Berkeczi, Levente Molnár G., Viktor Bodnár

    So far the Museum of Architecture has existed as a collection in Hungary. As part of the concept competition for the Museum District this autumn at last now there is the chance to see the outlines of a scheme of a comprehensive architectural centre featuring independent exhibition areas, research centre, and scientific base facilitating the building of the collection. According to plans, it could be completed by 2018. The collection of the Museum of Architecture shall be stored in a depot till then. We have asked László György Sáros DLA, the chairman of the Association of Hungarian Architects and Barnabás Winkler, the manager of HAP Gallery about this temporary situation.