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  • Italian Brick in Debrecen

    Jost Ferenc (1901–1957) Oeuvre

    Text: János Jost

    Within the Modernist trend of Hungarian architecture Ferenc Jost, an architect from Debrecen represented Cubism – his works are also rated as Expressionist pieces. His Cubist style was influenced by Italian architecture before 1935. The most interesting feature of him composed from his own forms is that their majority were created in Debrecen, the capital city of Calvinism (Protestantism). He imagined the relationship between nature and human beings as a unity in a practical way but without passions. From this tendency derives the daringly contemporary character results of his creations, as well as the way how he strips the decorations off his surfaces. He is progressive, but not odd, and he has no extravagant manner. A characteristic feature of Jost is the simple geometric facade reflecting the unity of form and function as well as the avoidance of every form of decoration that could be rated as decaying and superfluous. János Térey presents his architecture in an essay inspired by his own personal impressions and experiences.