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  • A Dialogue Between Architecture and Interior Architecture

    19th Conference on Interior Architecture

    Text: László Attila Márton

    The change of the political system which took place more than 25 years ago now also meant a ceasure in every aspect of our lives today, including space, object and image making. The former practices of architect designers’ offices and teams came to an end as well. It resulted in a generation gap and within a short period the basic conditions for practicing the profession were transformed radically and quickly. The generation growing up in architects’ offices relied upon their previous references and nexus, and thus managed to build up their own private practices soon and easily. More often than not, the former practice of inviting young designers was replaced with employing fellow architects for individual projects based on market conditions. Designers who graduated after the change of the political system had no chance to work in studios of designers’ offices or teams. After a period of a decade or so, a new generation finished their education who had acquired more relevant knowledge which enabled them to prevail amongst the changing conditions. The relationship between architecture and interior architecture has undergone radical changes. In 2016 the organisers of the 19th Meeting of Interior Architecture in Hungary had set the goal to present joint projects of architects and interior architect designers to survey a series of practical examples and whenever it was viable they actually managed to do so.