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  • From the Babbling Séd to Shanghai

    Geographical and Architectural Links between Veszprém and China

    Text: Eszter Baldavári

    The book born thanks to the cooperation between the Hungarian Consulate in Shanghai and the Association of Hungarian Architects, which was based on a manuscript written by the author of this study, is about the oeuvre of Károly Gonda, a Shanghai-based Hungarian architect, and also presents other Hungarian artists and engineers besides Gonda who have lived in the halo of China in this way or another. Although his interest and orientation to China led him in a different direction, architect István Medgyaszay travelled to India in 1932 and was active in Bombay. This is dealt with in details in the survey titled „I have seen significant, large-scale works and phenomena which are unforgettable”. Oriental influences in István Medgyaszay’s architecture. The research topic of two former projects were the apropos for the author to look for associations in architectural history between China (more precisely, Shanghai) and the town of Veszprém.