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    Egerszalók Spa and Waterpark

    Architect: Tibor Jankovics
    Text: Károly Zsolt Nagy, Tibor Jankovics
    Photos: Tibor Zsitva


    Geologists searching for „liquid gold” in the 1960s struck upon medicinal waters in Egerszalók containing calcium-magnesium-hydrogen-carbonate. Completed with a bathing culture based on the curative effects of the water being born in a specific way, in the spirit of „let’s have a good time”, the bath itself is a unique „natural” phenomenon as far as its fame and image is concerned,. What visitors can see now is totally different. The short valley is closed by higher hills from the sides and the back. There is a guarded parking area at the mouth of the valley with the lido on the right and a hotel on the left. At the foot of the hill ending the valley and also when climbing the hill it is the wellness complex dominating the view. Almost growing into the hillside because of its terraces sod with turf and trees, the building as a medium is a clichéd content expressed in a non-cliché form.

    General design: Forma Zrt.
    Architect: Tibor Jankovics DLA, László Deák, Tamás Rácz – Forma Zrt.
    Fellow architect: István Tavaszi – Forma Zrt.
    Interior design: Klára B. Soós – Négy Vonal Stúdió Tervező Bt.
    Fellows in interior design: Dániel Taródi-Nagy, Krisztián Kovács-Andor – Négy Vonal S.T. Bt.
    Garden design: György Szloszjár, Gabi Vastagh, Rita Remeczki, Franciska Helfrich – Garten Studió
    Structure: Endre Dékány Béla Dobri – Stabil Kft.
    Plumbing & HVAC: Lajos Mikola, László Incze, Károly Kiss – Forma Zrt.
    Water mechanics: László Szebeni – Víz x Víz Kft.
    Electrical engineering: Dezső Sax – Hochplan Kft.
    Public utilities: Antal Türk – Egri Közműtervező Bt.
    Glass structure: András Reith
    Main contractor: Strabag MML Kft.
    Interior contractor: László Simon – Zalaszentgrót
    Client: Szalók Holding Zrt.