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  • Humility, Attention, Creativity

    The Exhibition of Architects Kőnig and Wagner

    Text: Ferenc Dávid


    I am hereby making comments on three concepts apropos of reconstructions by Tamás Kőnig and Péter Wagner: those of humbleness, attention and creativity. Humbleness is a rarely used word these days as it conveys feudal and/or religious associations, even though its contents are not outdated at all and cannot be replaced by anything else: talking of an erect building it is the respect of an existing creation, but also the loathing of its mutilation. Attention means the revelation of the architectural idea embodied by the creation and that of the intention of decorating via a thorough analysis of its constituents; the exact survey of technical-structural or functional obsolescence as well as the careful definition of the requirements and purposes of the remodelling project.
    Creativity prevails both in the preservation and reconstruction of the most important components of the old building, the definition of its new location and character as well as the creation of the overall character of the new building made up by two parts.