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  • Palace District – Revitalized

    Hotel Palazzo Zichy, Budapest

    Architect: Kristóf Szmetana
    Text: Péter Haba
    Photos: József Hajdú

    Fotó: Hajdú József

    Zichy Palace was rated as a listed historic monument during its remodelling as a hotel – the very same „turning point” defined its architects’, Kristóf Szmetana’s and Róbert Stumpf’s job and has rescued several precious details too. A unique example of late-19th-century architecture for the city, it has been promoted to rank amongst the high-quality hotels. It is a big step in the process of renewing the fascinatingly beautiful square named after Priest Lawrence (Lőrinc) which had been left unutilized for decades.

    Architects: Kristóf Szmetana
    Fellow architect: Róbert Stumpf – Archimánia Kft.
    Art historian experts: Ferenc Bor, József Rozsnyai – Hild-Ybl Alapítvány
    Interior design: Nathalie Rottenburg – Cubica, Spanyolország
    Structure: Nándor Bürger – Bürger és Társa Bt.
    Installation: József Pál, Ákos Marosfai, Attila Kovács – Duoplan Kft.
    Heavy current: Gyula Baracskai – Ecovill Bt.
    Weak current: Gyula Rónay (†) – Róna Comp Kft.
    Project management: Alessio Sovilla – Olaszország