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  • Typographer’s Urban Villa

    N7 – Townhouse Berlin

    Architect, interior design: c.fischer innenarchitekten
    Text: György Szegő
    Photos: Florian Kleinefenn


    The unification of the city of Berlin taking place twenty years ago has resulted in a unique situation which was a challenge in itself: it opened up new vistas for the management, the architects, the builders and town-dwellers simultaneously and together. The Townhouse-model is a kind of development of terraced houses including urban houses on tiny building sites in unbroken rows that also enjoy the independence of villas typical of the green belt. This type of building is the topic of the following article.

    Architects, interior design: Christa Fischer, Birke Fehéri, Tory Lichtermann, Kay Guth, Moritz Heinicke
    Structure: Jockwer + Partner
    Termal analysis: Waldhoff Rädler Lenzen Schrag GbR
    Technical equipment: Stiehm Ingenieurplanung, Torsten Stiehm
    Acoustics: Herr Prumbaum – Müller-bbm GmbH
    Structural architecture: Schmidtmann+Gölling Architekten, Ralf Gölling, Matthias Jurtz
    Interior design: c.fischer innenarchitekten
    Project management: Köble Consult GmbH