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  • Architectural Sequence: Neverending Story

    C4 Contemporary Art Centre, Cordoba

    Architects: Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos, S.L.P. Fuensanta Nieto – Enrique Sobejano
    Text: Edit Pálinkás

    Architectural traditions, ideas and memories defining the image of an area may easily be chosen as starting points for contemporary projects. This may be the reason why the Islamic culture of Hispania – the heritage of which is predominantly present in Cordoba even now – means much more than simple footnotes in the concept of the designers of the Contemporary Art Centre. Based on the system of a never-ending story, the structure is defned by the principles of repetitive geometric patterns rooted in an irregular hexagonal form. Like with a combination game, the permutations of these three forms are the basis for the sequence of exhibition rooms as well as the design and modelling of the media surface on the facade.

    Media façade: Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos, Realities United
    Project architect: Vanesa Manrique
    Collaborators: Carlos Ballesteros, Bart de Beer, Rocío Domínguez, Mauro Herrero, Gilta Koch, Juan Carlos Redondo, Sebastian Sasse, Alexandra Sobral, Beat Steuri, Nik Wenzke
    Structure: NB 35 S.L.
    Mechanical engineering: R. Úrculo Ingeniero
    Client: Government of Andalucía, Consejería de Cultura