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  • The Agora in Szombathely

    The Results of the Design Contest for „the New Building of Sándor Weöres Theatre”

    After its development in the mid-1960s, March 15th Square came to function as the venue of local events associated with holidays and celebrations. For the generations shaping the square it has got not only actual, but also symbolical significance. The second phase of the tender for the theatre in Szombathely created a new situation as compared to the brainstorm contest. In the first phase the square was regarded as the representative venue of events but the future of the houses (MSH, SZTK) standing here remained uncertain. In line with this the majority of designs submitted for the tender suggested demolishing both structures. However, life (and the economic situation) has proven that the building of MSH is probably worth of preserving as it was essential for the long-term high-quality cultural programme of the town and the theatre to be constructed can also cooperate with it efficiently.

    The 1st prize went to design No. 10. by Zsuffa and Kalmár Ltd., designers: Zsolt Zsuffa and László Kalmár.

    This design realized the designing programme by demolishing the SZTK building relying upon one of the smallest basic area and proposing a characteristic complex to be built next to the MSH structure which contributes to the creation of a new agora with its positioning, horizontal plan, mass and facade design with a freely treated exterior ’proscenium’ which is actually a continuous row of spaces and with well-designed functional exterior associations whilst upgrading the „green” cultural role of Pelican Park.

    Architects: Kalmár László, Zsuffa Zsolt 

    Fellow architects: Strack L., Fejes T. B. Arató., Harsányi Cs., Wettstein M., Fazekas K., Kanyó M., Nagy G., Rehus S., Rose B.

    Submitted by Sztájl Visual Creative Bt., with designers Péter Bach and Zoltán Galina, design No. 14 was awarded the second prize. This proposal chose a unique solution for the insertion of the theatre into the fabric of the town. By abandoning the frames defined by the existing spatial walls and turning the development of the southern side of the square the continuous row of spaces is divided into three independent units. The one in front of the MSH building is preserved basically intact, whilst the site of the SZTK building exposes the new theatre and also connects this sphere over the stream towards Pelican Park.


    Architects: Bach Péter, Galina Zoltán

    Fellow architects: Csapliczky L., Farner M., Kotschy A., Nagypál G., Dr. Gombik K., Karádi G., Strack L., Wettstein M., Bánhegyi Zs., Karádi K., Kiss B., Varró Á., Vörös T.

    Third prize:




    Wéber Építésziroda Kft.

    Architects: Pelényi Margit, Wéber József               

    Fellow architects: Vargha M., Pál G., Dréher Zs., Megyesi Zs., Rustinczky L., Terjéki R., Varga Zs.


    Finta és Társai Építész Stúdió Kft.

    Architects: Dóczé Péter, Guczogi György, Kertész Balázs, Magyar Mária   

    Fellow architects: Csányi J., Homolya L., Józsa G., Torma S., Rhorer Á, Ungi B., Temesvári L., Szlovák K., Ivanics Z., Danka T., Deák-Halasy R., Kopár A.




    Amphy Antis Építésziroda Kft.

    Architects: Lakatos László, Tóth Károly, Szabó István

    Fellow architects: Unger Tamás, Rajkai Ferenc, Kotschy András, Strack Lőrinc, Koch Róbert, Jauch Judit, Somorácz György




    Architect: Gerő Balázs             

    Fellow architects: Strack Lőrinc, Kotschy András, Wohner József, Puskás Balázs, Rhorer Ádám, Gelányi Ákos, Tomán Zsóka, Hambek Zoltán



    Kertész Építész Stúdió Kft.

    Architects: Kertész András Tibor DLA, Marián Balázs

    Fellow architects: Bukovics János, Rhorer Ádám, Vargha Mihály, Bittó Annamária, Bőgér Eszter, Déri Dániel, Frikker Zsolt, Gyulovics István, Nagy Balázs