The Danube is More than a Geographical Name…

Apropos of the Regulation of the Utilization of the Danube Bank in Budapest Text. Béla Nagy Our associations when hearing the name River Danube cannot be described by data of water output and cartographical codes. The river has always played a defining role in the development of both Budapest and Hungary. Connecting a wide variety […]

Fat Opportunity

Danube Olympics 2020 Text: Sándor Pálfy On December 16th 2008 the Municipal Body of Representatives of Budapest unanimously supported the draft bill allowing for the tender in which Budapest applies to organize the 2020 Olympic Games in 2011 in accordance with the programme entitled „The Olympics of the World Heritage along the Islands of the […]

CET, Budapest

Text: Eszter Götz The architects’ team of Kas Oosterhuis is working out designs for the new complex of CET to be housed in the building of the Warehouses in Budapest. This visionary or non-standard architecture made its first appearance in Hungary with the project referred to as „glass whale” by the public. Besides reviving the […]

Budapest and Urban Evolution

Text: Dr. Béla Nagy A city is a live organism. It is complex and difficult. The city itself appears as materialized culture itself. Besides society, economy and environment it is the continuous interactions of economy and culture that shape the operation of a settlement functioning as an integral part of culture interpreted in a comprehensive […]

The Training of Architects at the Department of Urban Studies

Budapest University of Technology and Economics Text: Sándor Pálfy Established 80 years ago, the Department of Urban Studies (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Architecture) has a dual function in education. On the one hand the department introduces students into the world of settlements training them to think in terms of environmental context, […]