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  • The Training of Architects at the Department of Urban Studies

    Budapest University of Technology and Economics

    Text: Sándor Pálfy

    Kovács Dávid és Tóth Domonkos III. éves építész hallgatók nemzetközi pályázaton első díjat nyert terve Vác Duna-partjának fejlesztésére

    The first prize winning design of the Danube bank at Vác, design: third-year students Dávid Kovács and Domonkos Tóth

    Established 80 years ago, the Department of Urban Studies (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Architecture) has a dual function in education. On the one hand the department introduces students into the world of settlements training them to think in terms of environmental context, the relations between the house and its surrounds, the building and the settlement, as well as the creative application of this knowledge during the designing process. On the other hand, the training of urban studies is launched in 2010 at the Department of Architecture (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) within the framework of the master training of urbanist architects.