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  • An Organic Modern Building from the 1970s

    The Mortuary of in Monok

    Born in Monok in 1932, Sándor Hrabóczki designed this building. Being a skilled bricklayer and having worked for a designers’ office in Miskolc as a draughtsman, he passed a specialized matriculation exam with the vocational school in Kecskemét. In 1954 he was admitted to the Technical University in Budapest where he was a student of Professor Pelikán, László Gábor, Jenő Rados, Frigyes Pogány and Károly Weichinger among others. Imre Makovecz and Bálint Petró were his fellow students of the same grade. He had his degree in 1959 and received his golden diploma in 2009. In Miskolc he worked for ÉVM and the designers’ office of Borsod County, then for Agrober, primarily designing buildings for agricultural purposes, had been chief engineer with the Real Estate Managing Co. of Miskolc, worked in Algeria from 1982 till 1985 both as an investor and designer. He continued practising as a designer after retiring and is working even today.he designed the mortuary of Monok in 1974. This building had been unknown for the profession, as it had never been published before and its designs are lost. Students specialized in „minor complex” at the Department of Public Building Design met the designer on the premises in September, 2009 to survey the mortuary and prepare their designs within the framework of the subject „Department Design” concerning the area of the cemetery and the surroundings of the mortuary. The interview we are hereby publishing was made by architect student Dorottya Garay participating in the course whilst the drawings are by Eszter Glisics and Dávid Kohout.

    Dávid Kohout