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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Bizalom / Trust

    Emerging sculptors from University of Pécs

    Institut of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros,  2010. 01. 15 – 02. 19.

    The exhibition called Trust presents the works of the young sculptors studying or qualificated at the art faculty of University of Pécs. A collective exhibition directed inside the frameworks of a genre inside the art, that prepared in the recent past, automatically presents valuable informations about the state of the given genre and generate a discourse about it, or about all the contemporary arts. At the same time the creations of artist generations freshening up the Hungary sculpture appearing in the latter decade would not find enough room even in a ten times bigger exhibition square. The artists attached to Pécs do not represent one unambiguously separable style or concept and not differing from artists not spring from Pécs. What is common in them is ’simply’ the physical background: the studies at Pécs and the masters. Their references, their inspiration source and the system of their artistic decisions are the possible most different ones though. On the exhibition we can see abstract sculpture traditionally niggling with combinating substance qualities and space, public artwork reflecting on political and moral questions, picture series presenting subjective role analysis, or installation being founded on biological experiments. The transformation of the traditional sculpture and notion of sculpture is already more than a centuries-old process, so defining the concept of sculpture may lead to fertile debates in the case of this art exhibition. The publication of ready made, the conceptional changes of exhibition squares, the appearance of the motion and the time factor, the metamorphoses of artistic presence in the community space, the appearance of three-dimensional creations called objects, the spreading of environmental art and land art or the appearance of the most different installations as independent genres are radically enriched the province of the art appearing in the space. At the same time after the sculptural drawing the photo, film and video documenting the sculptural processes or just exploiting it gained increasingly bigger significance and so they in a part turned into related genres with the sculpture. This centuries-old process is evidence for the young artists presented on the exhibition and thinking in new art forms is not radical, but minimal regulation for them. At the same time for the wide audience the exhibition tells a lot about the story and the present of the sculpture– and since the creators have been on the front of their orbit, from its future.

    Burkus Judit: Változó struktúra


    Orosz Klára: Konténer