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  • House of the Year Award, 2009

    Now in 2009 it is the second time that designs were invited to the House of the Year competition. Founded in the early 1990s, the popular prize had been awarded in several categories in its unchanged original form for a decade. Its reinterpreted version today covers the widest spectre of architectural activities, and now it is ambitioned to be the recognition of both family homes and multi-flat residential buildings based on professional respects. The main objective of its awarding is the recognition, popularization and introduction of housing projects of high-quality design and execution, as well as residential buildings and complexes rehabilitated with high standards in a way increasing their value.

    House of the Year 2009: Weekend House, Horány, Muskátli u 31.

    Architect: György Selényi

    Special mention: Family Resort, Budapest, III. Királyok útja 303.

    Architect: Alfréd Peschka

    Certificate of Praise: Family Home, Budapest II.ker. Kazinczy u 35.

    Architect: János Somosi

    Certificate of Praise: Weekend House, Balatonfenyves, Akácos u. 19.

    Architect: Bálint Kamarás